Nowadays watches have become a symbol of status. A hundred years ago people used to carry pocket watches with them. Wrist watches were first worn by women. During that period wrist watches were known as wristlets. They were not considered a serious time piece. The watch making companies also did not pay much attention to these watches. They thought that wristwatches could not match with the accuracy of a pocket watch or normal clock because of their small size. Nowadays there are many fine watches available in market.

Patek PhilippeIn 1904, a Brazilian named as Alberto asked his friend Louis Cartier to make a watch that he could use when flying a plane. The watch made was known as Santos wristwatch. It went on sale in 1911, the date when Cartier made first wristwatch. Some soldiers found it hard to use pocket watches as both of their hands were busy in war. At that time wristwatches were used as wartime necessity. The soldiers who got victory in war brought their wristwatches as souvenir. This was the time when wristwatches began to see improvements. Nowadays we can compare different wristwatches and select a cheap one or a luxury wristwatch.

One luxury wristwatch is Patek Philippe. These came into existence in 1839 in Geneva. The company was founded by exiled Polish Nobleman named as Count Antoine Norbert de Patek and his compatriot Francios Czapek. IN the year 1845, Czapek left the partnership. After several years Jean Adrien Philippe joined Patek as a new partner. In 1851 Patek Philippe name was launched. The company did not produce many watches as the main emphasis was given to quality rather than quantity.  The company produced about 15,000 watches per year. By the beginning of 20th century the company made its name in watch market.

There are three things which define quality of watch, namely,- material used , technology employed and the movement used in the watch. Patek philippe takes care of all these three things while making a watch. It manufactures more parts for a watch than any other company does. The parts manufactured are smallest wheels, cogs, screws and bracelets. The company uses the best material available in the market. It employs goldsmiths, jewelers, enamellers and engravers who are highly skilled and their services cannot be matched. Patek Philippe is the first to introduce new technology in watch making.

Jean Adrien Philippe was the inventor of famous stem winding and hand setting mechanism which is still used in present day. The company has made its name in employing new technology to watch making. In the year 2006 the company introduced first wheel in the world that was made of silicon for anchor escapement.  Patek Philippe has always manufactured watches that have functions which cannot be matched with watches of any other brand.