Vacheron Constantin WatchesVacheron Constantin has been manufacturing the finest range of wristwatches for more than 250 years.  The Vacheron Constantin Patrimony is one of the most recent releases from this acclaimed watch manufacturers from Switzerland. Luxury watches with Platinum cases is nothing new. With the release of the Patrimony,   Vacheron became the first company ever to manufacture a watch that was fully made of Platinum. All the major components including buckles, crown, dial, and case of the watch are made of Platinum. The ultra thin watch is one of the most preferred choices for the watch enthusiasts.

The most extraordinary thing about the Vacheron Constantin Patrimony World Time is that even the stitching is done with Platinum. Functionally, the most useful feature of this watch is that it can display as many as 37 time zones simultaneously. The World Time timepiece is one of the most on-demand watches from Vacheron Constantin. The World Time has always been an attractive complication amongst the watch collectors. Most of the expensive wristwatches that are sold in different auctions are world time watches. The World time timepiece from Vacheron Constantin is different from any other world time watch ever manufactured.  The watch displays 37 world times compared to 24 by all others.

People love this watch because it is relatively simple to use this watch in spite of its excellent features. The ease of use is particularly due to the presence of three dials. The first one is a sapphire dial that provides day-night, and 24 hour indication. The second one is a metal made dial with city names and map. The third dial has gold indexes and a minute circle ring. The present time zone can be seen from the 24 hour indicator or the hour hand by picking any location and then turning it in the direction of a black triangle. All other 36 time zones can also be read simultaneously.

This 2460 WT caliber movement of the Vacheron Constantin Patrimony World Time is extremely popular amongst the watch lovers. It also has the Hallmark of Geneva, a seal of authenticity provided by the renowned Geneva School of Horology. This symbol of authenticity is only provided to products conforming to strict quality guidelines. The Vacheron Constantin Patrimony World Time collection comes with a brown alligator strap that is hand stitched. Additionally, there is a folding clasp made of pink gold to make sure that the strap sits safely around the wrist.