Antique watches have always been popular as collectible items over the years. Watches belonging to different time periods are unique and attractive. The antique watches for men and women were manufactured using age old techniques and top quality materials. The vintage watches are much more durable than the common wristwatches that are manufactured now. A properly selected antique watch can certainly make you proud of your precious collection. However, it is never easy for a common man to purchase these items because there are too many factors to consider. Given below are some simple tips to help you find out how to go about buying an antique watch.

Carry out extensive research before making any choice. The biggest problem in purchasing antique watches is that there are too many fakes available all around us. They look almost as attractive as originals and are impossible to be identified as fakes, unless you are a watch expert. It is particularly helpful if you know someone knowledgeable about watches. Otherwise, spend some time on the internet to understand how these items should be purchased without being cheated. It is always better to trust the well known antique shops rather than an ordinary watch dealer.

Fortunately, there are some indications that can be helpful in identifying these fakes. The originals always have a signed crown. Fakes can be easily identified by spotting a crown that is not signed. The color of the markers of the watch is also a great indicator. A hundred year old watch will definitely not have markers that glow perfectly during the night or have its color intact. Use your common sense to verify whatever claims are made by the dealer. Compare different items from the most well known dealers and check the product descriptions. Buy antique watches only from reputed brands because each of these brands has a history and tradition of their own.

Before you start shopping for antique watches, it pays to have some basic knowledge about the style or brand that you prefer to purchase. Antique watches corresponding to different time periods are available in the market, each having its own distinctive manufacturing technique and style. You may choose one that represents the century or the time period that intrigues you the most. However, do not buy an antique watch unless you are completely infatuated about it. These collector items can be extremely expensive and there is no point in purchasing something that you are not going to wear.