Patek Philippe Geneve WatchesPatek Philippe Geneve is a manufacturer of premium luxury watches that was formed way back in the year 1851. The company based out of Vallee de Joux and Geneva is renowned for designing and manufacturing of extremely high end movements and time pieces. The company has the distinction of manufacturing some of the most complicated ones of all mechanical watches ever manufactured. The foundation stone of Patek Philippe Geneve was laid by Polish watch manufacturer Antoni Patek and his compatriot Adrien Philippe, a watch manufacturer from France.

Patek Philippe Geneve is the pioneer in manufacturing high profile watches like minute repeater, perpetual calendar, chronograph, split second hand, and many more. They are also the inventor of the mechanism of keyless winding. Like most other Swiss watch manufacturers, they also specialize in manufacturing manual and automatic wind variety of mechanical movements. However, they have also produced some digital and quartz wrist watches. Another noteworthy point to mention about them is that the company manufactures all the components of their watches on their own.

The watches from Patek Philippe Geneve have always had a special appeal for people interested in horology. Their time pieces have traditionally recorded astronomical prices in auctions held around the world. The company also has an amazing watch museum in Geneva named Patek Philippe Museum. Since the year 1932, the company is being owned and managed by the Stern family. In the year 2010, a whopping 40,000 watches were manufactured by Patek Philippe Geneve.

The Geneva based company has the distinction of manufacturing some of the most expensive watches ever manufactured in the history of mankind. In 1933, they manufactured a pocket watch named “The Super Complication”. This ultra complicated masterpiece had 24 functions and was prepared for Henry Graves, Jr. In 19999, this watch was auctioned for an incredible $11, 000,000 at Sotheby’s. Platinum made Patek Philippe watch named Sky Moon Tourbillion fetched $1.49 million in April 2008. The record for most the most expensive watch to be ever sold is also held by Patek Philippe Geneve. In 2010, the Swiss Museum purchased a wristwatch from them for $5.5 million.

Patek Philippe Geneve released their anniversary edition in 1989 to celebrate their 150th anniversary. Calibre89, the anniversary edition, has as many as 39 complications including equation of time, time of sunrise, the date of Easter, sidereal time, and much more. It can also carry out the date adjustment for the month of February during a leap year.