Vacheron Constantin Watches1755 is a significant year in the history of watch manufacturing. In this year, Geneva based young watchmaker Jean Marc Vacheron laid the foundation stone of Vacheron Constantin. He was a renowned craftsman of that time and created the first complication made by his company in 1770. Vacheron Constantin watches with engine turned dials were introduced in the year 1779. The company started exporting their watches to Italy and France in 1810.

In order to expand overseas, the company partnered with Francois Constantin in 1819, and the name Vacheron and Constantin came into being. The hiring of Georges Augeste Leschot in 1839 was another significant milestone for the company. Leschot is still remembered as the first person to standardize the movement of watches into calibers. The glorious run of the company led by Leschot continued with the Art Society of Geneva awarding a gold medal to him for developing a pantographic device that could create specific parts of a watch. The inventions made by Leschot took Vacheron Constantin watches to new heights in the next few years.

Vacheron Constantin also has the distinction of manufacturing the first ever anti-magnetic timepiece in 1885. The lever assortment of these Vacheron Constantin watches was made of materials capable of withstanding the effects of magnetic fields. The balance wheel, lever shaft, and balance spring of this watch was made of Palladium. The escape wheel and the lever arm were made of gold and bronze, respectively. In the last hundred years or so, the company’s name has been changed several times due to changes in ownership of the company. However, the almost three century old tradition and commitment to quality has not changed. Vacheron Constantin watches are still the favorites of watch enthusiasts and collectors.

Vacheron Constantin watches are known as being the industry leader in introducing innovations in watches. Patrimony is one of their most popular models with a thickness of 5.25mm. This is considered to be the thinnest amongst all watches ever made. The Kallista is one of the most expensive amongst all the models from the company. It has as many as 118 emerald cut diamonds, and approximately 6000 hours of craftsmanship are required to manufacture this masterpiece. The present price of a Kallista is around $15 million.  Overseas, Patrimony, Malte and Quai de L’ile are some other significant Vacheron Constantin watches that represent the tradition of a company that is known as the connoisseur of quality watch making.