Patek Philippe Calatrava WatchPatek Philippe Calatrava is a top of the line range of luxury watches manufactured by renowned Swiss watchmaker named Patek Philippe. Calatrava watches were manufactured for the first time in the year 1932. After several decades, even today Calatrava is considered to be the flagship model of the world famous manufacturer. As of 2008, the most economical of these watches was priced at $18,000.

Calatrava 96 was the inaugural model of Patek Philippe Calatrava released in 1932. The design of this model reflected the much acclaimed Bauhaus School of Design. Eminent architect Walter Gropius founded this famous German school. The philosophy of this school became so popular at this period, that it got transformed to nothing less than a movement. The school of thought came up with the concept that art in all its forms must be able to serve society, and form should never be more important than function. Patek Calatrava 96 was a perfect example of Bauhaus aesthetics with its uncluttered dial, rounded case, and sleek design. Over the years, the company has introduced several models to keep up with the changing taste of the customers. However, Calatrava 96 is still considered to be a timeless classic by the watch enthusiasts.

The acclaimed line of designer watches derives its name from a Spanish military order named the order of Calatrava. The emblem of Calatrava consisted of a Greek cross. The design of Patek Philippe Calatrava watches started the trend of round watches, and it still continues to be a favorite with the watch enthusiasts. The artistic design, high quality materials, and the understatement in the form of Calatrava Patek are of immense value to a true connoisseur of watches. Calatrava is manufactured using metal housings that are extremely precious. At present, there are 36 models of Calatrava, each representing a tradition that started eighty years ago.

Rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold are some of the most sought after models of Patek Philippe Calatrava at present. The platinum models are also very popular in the luxury watch market. In recent years, the company has introduced some models that are not as purist as most other Calatrava watches. For example, the bezel of 5298P model has cut diamonds over it.

Calatrava Patek is undoubtedly the most well known and appreciated watch from Patek Philippe that has done well to preserve its cult image for eight decades. The future of this masterpiece promises to be as illustrious as the past.