Lange Timezone WatchesThe Lange Timezone is one of the most acclaimed new era luxury watches. This graceful timepiece from A. Lange & Sohne has one of the most sought after complications. These wristwatches not only display the local time at any part of the world, but also show the home time.  There is a smaller dial that can display time for any of the 24 time zones.  The Lange Timezone is extremely popular amongst people who travel frequently around the world or communicates regularly with people in different other time zones.

Unlike other similar watches available in the market, the Lange Timezone is based on a practical and unpretentious principle. This watch consists of two off centre dials. The home time is displayed on the larger dial when that is the priority of the users. The pair of hands in the smaller dial displays the time in other time zones. There is a rotating ring and a push piece for convenient setting of time zones. The property can be reversed depending on the requirement, thanks to an advanced adjustment mechanism. This mechanism synchronizes the date display and the main dial to the foreign domicile of the user.  The watch offers a wide range of options to access all the time zones.

Dual day and night indication is another exceptional feature of the Lange Timezone.  We all know that nights and days begin and finish at different times around the world. The Timezone from Lange offers synchronized and separate indications for the day and night for the local zone and home times. The night and day phases are displayed with small arrows sweeping across the bright or dark segments. In spite of so many excellent functions, the Lange Timezone is extremely user friendly.

While traveling in an aircraft, you need to start simply by pressing the button. In every one hour increment, the button advances the city ring by one time zone, and the hour hand in the dial of zone time. As a result, the zone time remains automatically synchronized to the selected city. The time swap mechanism of the watch uses the city ring as the reference. This mechanism allows the previous home time displayed on the larger dial to be converted to local time only by turning the crown. The subsidiary dial’s hour hands freeze by the pressing of the zone button.

The Lange l031.1 caliber movement provides the Lange Timezone all the coveted features like an outsize date, power reserve for three days, screw balance with index adjuster, screwed gold chatons, and a balance cock that is hand engraved.