Most Expensive Philippe Patek Watches

Philippe Patek is an eminent watch manufacturer from Switzerland with the distinction of having manufactured some of the most beautiful and expensive watches ever made. The company was founded in 1851 and has been the pioneer in manufacturing different top of the line luxury watches for more than 150 years. Philippe Patek watches have a special meaning for anyone who has horological interests. These exquisite timepieces have a history of their own and have an extremely high novelty value for the watch enthusiasts.Patek-Philippe-Watches

In 1933, Patek Philippe created a watch for multi millionaire banker Henry Graves that became popular for its working mechanism and super complicated functions. This super complication watch was made from 24 carat yellow gold and had as many as 24 complications. The mechanical features of this watch were far beyond basic timekeeping functions and included a minute repeater playing a tune similar to the one played in Big Ben in London, several chronological functions corresponding to the hours of the day, a presentation of the nighttime sky and the Milky Way over the city of New York, and many more. This watch was auctioned for over $11 million in 1999 and is the most expensive of all Philippe Patek watches ever sold.

Reference 1527 is another well known watch from Patek Philippe that was created by the company during the World War and was one of the largest wristwatches manufactured in that era.  Other than the history associated with it, Ref. 1527 Philippe Patek watches were known for moon phase and date indicators, chassis made of 18k yellow gold, silver dial, compensation balance, and 23 gemstones. Caliber 89 is probably the most talked about of all Phillip Patek watches. Caliber 89 was introduced by Patek Philippe as a part of the company’s 150th anniversary celebration. This pocket watch had a weight of 1.1 kg and had five types of functions including calendar, chime, chronograph, timekeeping, and basic functions.

Pilot watch was created by Patek Philippe in 1936, and this watch was known to all for its 55 mm dial. The Sky Moon Tourbillion is another masterpiece crafted by Patek Philippe. Indication for sidereal hours and celestial patterns made this on of the most amazing watches ever made by Patek Philippe. There are many more Phillip Patek watches that are amongst the most expensive watches ever made by any watchmaker. Some of those popular watches are Ref. 2523 Worldtime, Triple Date Chronograph, Ref. 5101G, Ref. 5104P, etc.