The Philippe Patek Watch Museum

It is not common for a watchmaker to have their own watch museum. Philippe Patek, the premium watch manufacturer from Geneva, has the distinction of having the finest watch museum in the world. The company was founded in the year 1839, and this museum was opened in 2001 as a result of the company’s extreme passion for watch making. The Philippe Patek museum presents an extraordinary collection of portrait miniatures, musical automata and watches dating back to 16th to 19th century. The museum also has a library completely dedicated to the subject of Horology.

Patek Philippe The 700 square meter museum complex is located at the Art Deco building in Plainpalais, Geneva. The entire history of watch making spanning five centuries is represented by the amazing collection of the museum. The Philippe Patek museum is a major tourism attraction for people who are fascinated by history and appreciate the real beauty of time pieces. Over 2000 objects are exhibited over the three floors of the museum. Caliber 89, one of the most acclaimed watches ever made by the company, can be seen here. Caliber 89 is known to be the most complicated timepiece made on planet Earth by any watch manufacturer. The museum also preserves the awards that the company has been rewarded with throughout their long history of watch making.

The fourth floor of the Philippe Patek museum is the library section with more than 4000 awe inspiring collection of literary art. An amazing collection of antique watches can be found in the third floor. The different tools that were used by the artisans and watchmakers during the 19th century can be seen here. This is the perfect place to try and understand how these extremely talented groups of people crafted watches that are considered to be most beautiful and expensive even almost two hundred years later.

The most exciting part of the museum lies in its collection of time pieces and watches. A stunning collection of woven and sculpted watches with the most intricate complications is found in the museum. Many of the historical timepieces were crafted for different royal families by the company. You can also find watches resembling pendants or bracelets in this excellent collection.

Any person visiting Geneva even for a day must not miss this excellent opportunity to visit the Philippe Patek museum. This is a top tourism destination for people interested in history or horology. The elegance and beauty of the museum would be an experience to remember, even if history and watches is not of much interest to you.