Patek Philippe Twenty~4 Ladies’ Luxury Watch

Patek Philippe twentyThe Patek Philippe Twenty~4 is probably the most popular of modern day luxury watches for ladies. The Twenty~4 collection was launched by the watch making giants in 1999, and the craze about this model is still evident even after more than a decade. The active and refined women of this generation prefer watches that can be used in all occasions and reflects their class and style consciousness. No one understands the requirement of watch enthusiasts like Patek Philippe, and they came up with the Patek Philippe Twenty~4 specifically to suit all these requirements of modern women. Each model of this collection are a reflection of top notch craftsmanship that has been the synonymous with Patek Philippe for so many years. The beautifully designed case of this model is provides a gentle caress to pamper the female wrist.

Different models of Patek Philippe Twenty~4 are available in warm rose gold, cool steel and noble white gold. The bezel, the bracelet, and the case of each of these models are adorned by top quality diamonds, including a fully encrusted model with pave’-set diamond case, dial and bracelet. The ladies love wearing these watches also because of its beautiful crown that has a diamond solitaire or an onyx cabochon. The gold collection of Patek Philippe Twenty~4 includes several mesmerizing tiny models that can be compared to any high end, trendy jewelry. There is also a line of Patek Philippe Twenty~4 earrings and rings that have been designed with the utmost care to suit every taste.

The Twenty~4 from Patek Philippe is a universal collection that has been created by the manufacturer using some of the most precious diamonds and stones in order to achieve a different level of sophistication and elegance. Patek Philippe Twenty~4 watches are available in three categories named dress, high jewelry, and high fashion. The case of all these watches is very small and rectangular in shape. Depending on the price, the case may even have several hundred of diamonds. Patek Philippe has equipped all their Twenty~4 collection watches with quartz movements to provide a small size. This extremely popular collection of luxury watches is an awe inspiring confluence of a stylish jewelry piece and a traditionally renowned timepiece.

There are no better luxury watches ever manufactured by any company for women. It is true that these extremely high end watches are probably bought once in a lifetime. However, the Patek Philippe Twenty~4 is certainly your pick if you are looking for something special for someone special in your life.