Patek Philippe Gondolo Watches for Men

Patek Philippe Gondolo watches are some of the most popular amongst all new era watches from Patek Philippe. The Gondolo collection was launched by Patek Philippe in the year 1993 and is available for both men and women. This acclaimed line of stylish watches from the renowned manufacturer is considered to be the contemporary interpretation of the well known Art Deco style. This is the perfect example of the modern day representation of the century old tradition of the legacy of Patek Philippe.  The Patek Philippe Gondolo derives its name from watches named Chronometro Gondolo that the company used to manufacture for well known Brazilian retailer named Gondolo & Labouriau between the period of 1902 and 1930.

Patek Philippe GondoloPatek Philippe has put aside their age old austerity and strictness to create aesthetic adventurousness and a free flowing design. Patek Philippe Gondolo watches for men are available in different variations and each of them looks different from the other. However, all of them are rectangular in shape. While creating this particular collection of luxury watches for men, Patek Philippe has sacrificed technology for style. It has relatively simple calibers comparing to most other watches from Patek Philippe with 5 bridges, 18 jewels, no more than 150 parts, and power reserve for approximately 2 days.  The Patek Philippe Gondolo collection for men offers a wide range of variation in terms of style including different types of hands, elaborate guilloche and patterns, dials with different colors, Arabic and Roman numerals, and much more.  Available dial colors for Patek Philippe Gondolo for men at present are crème, rose, blue and opaline.

The men’s watches from the Gondolo collection differ a great deal from the ladies collection in terms of its methods. In spite of its adventurous appeal, the Patek Philippe Gondolo collection has abstained from fashionable statements in order to opt for the strict and   formal interpretations as laid down by the directives of Art Deco. Some of the models from the Gondolo collection like Trapeze have a certain instability and goofiness that some men may not appreciate. Some other well known models in this collection are the Calendario and the Cabriolet.

Some watch enthusiasts feel that there is a touch of femininity in Patek Philippe Gondolo collection. However, that has not stopped it from becoming one of the most popular men’s luxury watches of our time bearing a strong resemblance with other experimentally created high end watches like the Millenary from Audemars Piguet and the Egerie from Vacheron Constantin.