Patek Philippe Aquanaut Series of Sports Watches

Patek Philippe AquanautThe Aquanaut series is a popular line of high end sports watches from acclaimed Swiss watchmakers Patek Philippe.  The Patek Philippe Aquanaut would be the perfect choice for you if you are a style freak and prefer trendy design. This has been one of the most sought after luxury sports watches since it was launched in the year 1997.  Aquanaut is actually the enhanced version of Patek Philippe’s previous sports watch Nautilus. The Nautilus collection hit the market in 1976 and is still considered to be one of the most popular sports watches ever made by any company. Aquanaut has enhanced the incredible features present in Nautilus using advanced techniques of watch making and Patek Philippe’s novel design and exemplary craftsmanship.

The Patek Philippe Aquanaut has a self winding Caliber 330 SC movement, date indicator, and a hand for sweep second. The beautifully crafted movement of Patek Philippe Aquanaut is powered by a Gyromax balance wheel, 30 jewels, and 21k gold made winding rotor.  The most outstanding feature of this series of sports watches is its balance wheel that oscillates at the rate of 21,600 per hour to ensure high precision. The tropical strap is another unique feature of Aquanaut. It is manufactured from more than 20 different materials, and the process takes more than one year. You would love the benefits of this strap if you love water sports because it is resistant to high temperature, ultra violet rays, physical stress, and salt water.

The Patek Philippe Aquanaut is available in small, medium, and large sizes. All these models bear the trademark octagonal bezel as the identification mark for this series of watches. The medium and large sized versions have a steel case with case back and screw down crown to ensure water resistance up to 120 meters. The beautifully designed black dial of the original Aquanaut series was decorated with 12 white gold made Arabic numerals. The large and medium sized Patek Philippe Aquanaut watches are also available with a special steel bracelet displaying a distinctive design.

The Luce collection of Patek Philippe Aquanaut was launched for the ladies in 2005. Each of these models named Purple, Chocolate Brown, Ocean Blue, Mysterious Black, and Pure White has an individualistic appeal for the style conscious women. A specially designed signature ring with different interchangeable inserts is available with all these wristwatches.

As with all watches from the company, the Patek Philippe Aquanaut is priced rather high. However, there is no better sports watch in the market for the style freak present generation than the Patek Philippe Aquanaut.