Patek Philippe 5960 Annual Calendar Chronograph

Patek Philippe WatchThe Patek Philippe 5960, the first ever in-house chronograph from Patek Philippe, is presently generating a great deal of excitement amongst watch enthusiasts. This is one of the recent innovations from the renowned watch maker that has been presenting some of the finest watches made since almost two hundred years. The Patek Philippe 5960 was introduced to the market in the year 2006. This is an in-house reference from the company with astounding features like an annual calendar, power reserve indicator, chronograph, and automatic winding. The base movement of the Patek Philippe 5960 consists of a compact and automatically winding chronograph. This watch is a perfect example of Patek Philippe’s commitment towards creating distinct and innovative luxury timepieces.

The real beauty of the movement of the Patek Philippe 5960 is that it allows the flexibility to create new timepieces encompassing alternative complications in the future. Every watchmaker thrives to create base movements that are flexible and reliable and Patek Philippe have done exceedingly well in creating one. The most noteworthy thing about the Patek Philippe 5960 is its chronograph counter. The hours and minutes are recorded with immaculate accuracy by a series of concentric circles. This also provides an uncluttered and clean look to the Patek Philippe 5960 watch. There is also an aperture that displays the PM/AM with white or blue indicators. The function of the annual calendar can be adjusted with the help of three buttons that are placed at 10:00, 9:30, and 9:00 positions along the side of its case. Watch experts consider this annual calendar superior to most other calendar complications because it has a self adjustment capability for different months with 31,30, 29, or 28 days. Therefore, while using the Patek Philippe 5960, you need to set the calendar only once in an entire year. There is a case back made of sapphire crystal through which the movement of the Patek Philippe 5960 can be viewed.

The winding rotor of the Patek Philippe 5960 is made of 21k gold. These rotors rotate on ball bearings that are made of zirconium. Most of the conventional winding rotors require regular lubrication because they have steel ball bearings. No lubrication is required for the rotors of the Patek Philippe 5960 because the zirconium bearings resist wear and tear, and provide more efficient winding.

An updated version of the Patek Philippe 5960 named 5960P was recently launched by the manufacturer. This new platinum version has got subtle modifications in color of the dial and power transmission.