Lange Saxonia Luxury Watches for Men

Lange Saxonia WatchThe Saxonia is a collection of mid-sized luxury watches for men from A. Lange & Sohne. These dress watches are made of 18k gold and are available in pink, white, and yellow gold. The name of Lange Saxonia refers to the accomplishments and values of the state of Saxony and its typical pursuit to unite utility and beauty. These watches are acclaimed by the watch lovers for their inimitably elegant design. The Saxonia collection is an epitome of the evolved artistry and culture of it homeland. The state of Saxony is known since the ancient days for its sublime perfection.   The craftsmen and artists from this region have been largely instrumental in building Germany’s reputation with their aesthetic sense and skill.  The best thing about the Lange Saxonia is its sublime appearance without any extravagance or overdone fancy designs. The beautiful dial is a cynosure of lucidity and harmony.

The cases of all Lange Saxonia watches are finished and polished with immaculate care by hand. While buying these watches, remember that all of them have an engraved serial number that is unique to each of the items. All these masterpieces can also be identified by the well known signature of ‘A. Lange & Sohne’. Lange Saxonia luxury watches come with a winding crown made of solid gold, a gold buckle, and alligator strap. Three dials are found in three different colors of gray, champagne, and black. The perfectly crafted movement of these watches is revealed by the case back made of sapphire crystal. The manufacturer has united all the high quality movement elements in this collection of luxury watches. The three quarter plate made from cross laminated and untreated German Silver is one of the most striking features of the movement. Other noteworthy features include deep red jewels, blued screws, and four gold chatons. There is also a hand engraved whiplash precision index adjuster in the Lange Saxonia luxury watches.

All the movement parts of Lange Saxonia are decorated lavishly using as many as five different manual decoration techniques. The manually wound movement of these watches provide a power reserve of nearly 45 hours when wound completely. The movement has been adjusted in five different positions and has an hourly frequency of 21,600 semi oscillations. Lange Saxonia watches have four different models named Automatic, Dual Time, Thin, and Annual Calendar.

It is true that luxury watches can cost you a fortune. However, you must seriously consider Lange Saxonia if you have already made up your mind to buy a high end timepiece.