Patek Philippe Nautilus WatchesThe Nautilus collection is a world famous range of sports watches from Patek Philippe. The popular product line was introduced in the year 1976 by the company. Patek Philippe Nautilus is known for its inimitable personality and strong features. The inspiration behind this exceptional design of these watches came from the shape of the portholes that are found almost universally on maritime vessels. The first ever model of the Nautilus collection was Ref. 3700/1 and was completely made of steel. This original reference is one of the most on demand time pieces at the auctions held around the world.

Patek Philippe Nautilus has seen significant changes in the recent years but still represents the traditionally acclaimed casual elegance of Patek Philippe. The original spirit of the past has been carefully retained while making subtle changes to keep up with the contemporary taste. This is certainly a great pick if you are planning to buy a luxury sport watch. The popularity and collector value of Patek Nautilus continues to soar, and it is certainly worth purchasing, if you can afford it.

The Patek Philippe Nautilus product rage has recently grown inĀ  size, and new elements other than time have been introduced. With a width of 44mm, this is one of the largest of all Patek Philippe watches. These watches have their chronographs in the middle of it and provide the touch of class that has always been a feature of Patek Philippe. An exceptional design feature of Nautilus chronograph is that there is a small gradient in the dial. As you move towards the center, the black or blue face becomes more and lighter in shade. Watch enthusiasts have immense respect for these types of dials because it is extremely difficult to make them properly. This gradient design has now been adopted by many cheaper watch manufacturers, but none of them can match the class of Patek Nautilus.

Within the chronograph, there is a beautifully designed CH 28-520C caliber with a rotor made of solid gold. Apart from the date and time, it also has a 12 hour complication contained within the same sub dial. The real beauty of Patek Philippe Nautilus lies in having one dial within another. The hour markers and hands of the dial are made of polished gold. The price of this watch is certainly an issue for most of the watch lovers. However, masterpieces always come for a high price and the timeless looks of Patek Philippe Nautilus undoubtedly make it an excellent investment.