The watches came into existence in fifteenth century. First ever clock watch was made in Germany. By the passage of time several attempts were made to improve the performance of watches. First wristwatch was not developed before 1880. Wrist watches were made for use in military. Later on these watches were available for society in general. Nowadays there are very fine watches available in market. There are many companies who manufacture watches.

Watches were mostly used by women until First World War. Watches for men came into existence when soldiers had to use them even when both their hands were busy. In 1930 the watches were made to suit the average wrist size. With the advent of quartz technology, mechanical watches were replaced. Quartz technology provided more efficiency and accuracy. First digital watch came into existence in 1970 which had LED display as well. Nowadays there are many fashionable watches which include both analog and digital watches. Analog watches include new designs and utility components like chronograph. Digital watches are mostly used by sports persons. They have the facility such as stopwatch and timers.

A. Lange & Sohne WatchesThere are different watches for men and women. Watches worn by women have a small dial area and a slim band. The band is usually made of leather, plastic or metal. Some of the watches worn by women contain precious stones. Women generally wear fashionable watches so they are designed accordingly. Watches for men have a larger dial and thicker bands. As the dial area is larger for men’s watches, they consist of components like chronographs and calendar etc.

One famous luxury watch brand is A. Lange & Sohne. It came into existence in 1868 by Richard Lange in the city of Glashutte. This city is home of watch making in Germany. It gained reputation and respect amongst wealthy individuals. During the war in Europe the original A. Lange & Sohne was destroyed which resulted to an end of its production for some time. The city of Glashutte came under Soviet rule. The grandson of Richard Lange fled to west but came back Glashutte and again started the company with small number of employees. The A. Lange & Sohne collections of watches are hand engraved.

The company manufactures only five thousand watches every year. Each watch has stamp of the artist who makes them. These watches are made only from gold and platinum. The watches are crafted masterpieces. Today the demand for A. Lange & Sohne watches has only increased. It is due to historical importance of the company as attached with legendary men and women of the past. People appreciate its connection with the past. Therefore the demand is more than the supply. The material and classic designs of this brand has kept them at top of watch companies.